The Top 3 Cities for Buying Property

If you’re planning on moving to a city-central location for work commitments or a shake-up to your lifestyle then you’ll get the best out of your purchase by choosing to buy in Cardiff, Bristol or London. These cities offer a wide range of great properties so whether you’re looking for a modern flat with views of the city centre, a terraced house on the outskirts or a detached property with real character in the suburbs, you’ll find it.

Why Purchase Property in Cardiff?

At the heart of a region of 1.4 million people, Cardiff is the capital of Wales. The city recently topped the list for the UK’s most transport-friendly cities and is prized as a centre of academic excellence. The area is extremely attractive to investors and also very supportive to the thriving sectors of the Creative Industries, ICT, Leisure and Tourism.

Many international companies in the Financial and Business Services sector are based in Cardiff city, including Admiral, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Atradius and Zurich. The city is also recognisable all around the world for its commitment to sport and the Millennium Stadium has been instrumental in elevating Cardiff city to one of the first-choices for major events and conferences in the UK.

The city of Cardiff is also known as a ‘Centre of Culture’, echoed in the Wales Millennium Centre and the annual Creative Cardiff showcase event. If you buy property in Cardiff, you can enjoy a pleasant, thriving city that has both plenty to offer now and excellent prospects for the future.

Why Purchase Property in Bristol?

Thanks to its great shopping, great scenery and great social scene, in a 2014 report Bristol was named as Britain’s best city to live in. The city has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, various housing, good schools and a buzzing culture besides access to rich history and the countryside.

Bristol is also home to some of the UK’s best transport links with plans in place for an even faster rail network to London that will cut journey times to 80 minutes. The city has also been named Britain’s Best Connected city with easy links to the M4 and M5 and just half an hour from Cardiff and Newport. And Bristol airport is a fast expanding airport offering flights worldwide.

More university students stay in Bristol than any other city in the UK due to its great art vibe and music culture. The city also has a wealth of great character, is the only UK city to be shortlisted for the title ‘Green Capital of Europe’ and was the first UK city to be named ‘Cycling City.’

Why Purchase Property in London?

London is one of the most diverse cities on the planet where 37% of the population were born outside of the UK and 300 different languages are spoken. And at the heart of the city is the marvel of engineering known as the Tube, the underground train system that transports 3.4 billion people per year.

London has more green space than any other city on earth. It is home to the Queen of the Commonwealth, the Houses of Parliament and hosted the Olympic Games in 2014. The city is thriving with businesses, has an extremely rich history and a future that only consists of growth and new prospects.

Housing in the capital city ranges from the high-rise flat to the elegant terraced 3-floor and detached suburban mansion. But wherever you choose to live in London – whether it’s at height, overlooking the Thames or further out in quirky Camden – you can enjoy a beautiful mix of the old and contemporary in the buildings and culture.