Great Places to buy Property in Cardiff

When it comes to choosing a new property, Cardiff has a lot to offer. With its mix of green spaces, period buildings and modern developments, the city has a wide range of different environments for making a base. So whether you’re looking for a central city flat, an inner-city two-up, two-down or a spacious suburban home, you’ll find what you’re after.


Buying Property in Cardiff Bay                                                                

Redeveloped from the old Cardiff docklands, Cardiff Bay is now a modern area with excellent housing, fabulous restaurants and lots of things to do. And although the Bay is situated just outside Cardiff city, the atmosphere is completely different to the buzz of the centre – almost like the feeling of being abroad.

Former wasteland is populated with areas for leisure and commerce, including a freshwater lake for water sports, the renowned Millennium Centre and Mermaid Quay – an elegant nightlife hotspot with a range of restaurant cuisine. Cardiff Bay also hosts a number of exciting events throughout the year.

Most of the properties in Cardiff Bay are new, ranging from the high-rise, sea-view flat to the modern terraced house. The Bay is an ideal place to live if you’re working in Cardiff city centre but looking for a home that offers a retreat from your busy day.

Buying Property in Canton, Cardiff

Canton is a multicultural inner-city district located just to the west of Cardiff city centre. Here, you’ll find many lively local pubs as well as a healthy dose of students, young professionals and true Cardiffians swapping a calm, suburban life for the hustle and bustle of the area.

Indeed, Canton is one of the most diverse areas to live in Cardiff, with plenty of different cuisines for those who love to eat out – from dim sum to Mediterranean and good old British fish and chips. The area is also home to the Chapter Arts Centre, a major centre for the arts which is recognised across the UK and Europe.

Cardiff is blessed with lush green areas and Canton is certainly home to many. There are plenty of places to get away for a little tranquillity, including the quaint Thompson’s Park and one of Cardiff’s best, Victoria Park. So whether you prefer to live somewhere lively or more relaxed, Canton can offer you both.

Buying Property in Penylan, Cardiff

 Atop a hill between Roath, Cyncoed and Llanederyn, Penylan is located just outside the city centre of Cardiff but you’d never think it. With gorgeous leafy avenues, Edwardian era period houses, wonderful peace and quiet and fantastic views over the city centre and the Bay, Penylan is quite a hotspot for first-time buyers in Cardiff. Here, you enjoy what feels like a suburban setting, within walking distance of the city.

At the foot of the hill, there’s a lovely continuation of parkland which follows the course of Roath Brook. And further along there are the pretty Waterloo Gardens as created at the end of the 19th century. The Gardens are also home to a row of convenient, quaint shops creating a traditional, village-like scene.

If you’re looking for a traditional environment with a strong sense of community then Penylan is your ideal place to live in Cardiff.